Mastery of Craft

The Yoshida family has been paying attention to the details of fine sake making for five generations.

The Toji (sake master) oversees the creation of the sake. It is said that in order to brew pure sake, Toji must show respect and gratitude for Mother Nature. At Haikara this attention to detail extends from the rice selection to the glass creation.

Innovative flair has characterized our family’s distinct sake making philosophy for generations. We respect the traditions of fine sake making but we constantly strive to create something extraordinary that has never been done before. We are motivated to create sake that can be enjoyed by everyone.



I am the 5th President of Umenoyado.

My family embraces “tradition” and “innovation” as we continue to evolve. We have consciously decided to continue to make new history with each generation of sake production. Various things around the world such as culture, science, language, people, and art are changing all the time. The brewing of sake started more than 1,200 years ago, and although there have been technological developments, sake has been made since that time with very few changes in the form of brewing. It is truly a “tradition.”

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I am a Production Manager.

Good sake is created only when you trust the five human senses and your equipment. I have been brewing sake for almost 20 years at Umenoyado. I spent my first 3 years studying each step of the process of rice milling, rice rinsing, rice steaming, koji making, yeast-mash making, yeast making and moromi (fermentation process) to gain comprehensive skills and knowledge of the whole process.

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I am a Product Development Manager.

The most important elements of fruit sake are the ingredients and the recipe.
Even if you use the same recipe, you cannot make the same taste if the ingredients are bad, and even if you use good ingredients, the taste changes if you use a different recipe.

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I am a Production Manager.

From a very young age I was interested in sake making despite being born into a company selling jewelry and watches. After graduating from university, I returned home and worked as an engineer repairing watches but then, in my late 20’s, I decided to gather up my courage and join Umenoyado.

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