I am the 5th President of Umenoyado sake distillery.

My family embraces “tradition” and “innovation” as we continue to evolve. We have consciously decided to continue to make new history with each generation of sake production. Various things around the world such as culture, science, language, people, and art are changing all the time. The brewing of sake started more than 1,200 years ago, and although there have been technological developments, sake has been made since that time with very few changes in the form of brewing. It is truly a “tradition.”

However, I believe that the sake industry cannot keep up with the trends of the very-rapidly-changing times just by preserving traditions. What is very important is to continue to create new sake culture while respecting the long and proud tradition.

Isn’t it great that Japanese drink beer while eating a steak, and Americans drink green tea and eat sushi? I think new culture is born from unique evolution, and is created through cross-cultural exchanges that are repeated over and over again.
Umenoyado has been making traditional sake since 1893. Now we want to make use of our tradition to create new sake culture by making Haikara a new “innovation.”